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Image button not working

Not a Bug 2.0.5

I have made 9 buttons - all working
I have made 2 panels - looks fine

I made one image button, it isnt working.  The mouse doesnt change to a hand when hovering, and you cannot click it. The image and button display fine.  You just cannot click it.  Permissions are set like all the rest

 "ak": {
    "uiType": "Hud",
    "panelType": "button",
    "OffsetMin": "-368.2568 -129.62",
    "OffsetMax": "-299.307 -64.9",
    "text": "Give AK",
    "panelColor": "1 1 1 0",
    "panelChatCmd": "giveak",
    "imageUrl": "https://rustlabs.com/img/items180/rifle.ak.png",
    "imgAnchorMin": "0 0",
    "imgAnchorMax": "1 1",
    "onCmdHide": "false"

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7 hours ago, Rust Admin said:

Please disregard.  There was another UI object (invisible) blocking it. No issue!!  Great update here...been using this since v1. Thanks

Im glad to hear that!

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