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  1. Would be cool if we could set the background to an image instead of just a color. Also, is it just me or is the clicked tab seem blurry and the others dont? Check this
  2. Dicky

    Cant get new version to work

    It gives no error, nothing. I just cant ever get the "Give up" Button to show. Loaded the previous version and its fine but the new one just isnt showing up for me no matter what I do. Ive cleared all config/lang files and then reuploaded the new version but still no luck
  3. Dicky

    Cant get new version to work

    I cannot get the new version to work, and yes I've given the permissions and everything. The old version still works, just not 1.1.0
  4. Dicky

    Always wounded

    Plugin makes it so that no matter what, a player is always wounded before death. Even if player is headshot 3 times he always will be wounded which has caused lots of complaints.
  5. If you're interested, please msg me on Discord. Dicky#9896
  6. Im looking for a custom lottery plugin that uses ServerRewards points and has a gui. I checked out the free one on umod but its way different that what i had in mind. What id like is that every hour, if the pop is above 15, an announcement will be sent in chat that a lottery has started and to do "/lottery" to enter. The lottery will be 5 minutes long (from the first announcement to when the winner is picked) and every minute until the winner is chosen, it announces in chat that theres X minutes until the lottery ends and how much is in the pot. It will open a medium sized GUI where players ca

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