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Chris Jackson

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    Awesome plugin, been using it for awhile now. Developer has been quick to respond to questions. Only suggestion would be to include more NPC's (i.e. heavy scientist).
  1. @Steenamaroo First of all +1 for all your help. But now I apologize, I'm an idiot and wasted your time. When I said I unloaded the ZombieHorde script to see if that was causing an issue, I evidently did not. I found there was a setting in that plugin that was causing the issue. "Disable NPC dormant system. This will allow NPCs to move all the time, but at a cost to performance": false, the above had got set to true in an update, causing the confliction. There was no error in your script, just a conflict with another
  2. Failed to call hook 'CmdSpawnRingDrone' on plugin 'DronePatrol v1.0.15' (KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.) at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[TKey,TValue].get_Item (TKey key) [0x0001e] in <eae584ce26bc40229c1b1aa476bfa589>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.DronePatrol+DroneNav.SetRoad (System.String road, System.Boolean isringroad) [0x00024] in <9fb8aebb8b9a4aaca34e521ebe4ecc11>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.DronePatrol.CmdSpawnRingDrone (Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence.IPlayer iplayer, System.String command, System.String[] args) [0x00227] in <9fb8aeb
  3. I've tried to reduce it down to even 1, same deal. I've done profiles of 150 before without any issues in the past. I've unloaded the other NPC related script to make sure there was not any conflicts and didn't have any change
  4. Okay thank you - I will try that.
  5. Ok just removed the kits and left them as Murderers no change. Changed murderer to false and spawned as scientist and still no change.
  6. No, it is set to false. here is a snippet: "dome": { "AutoSpawn": false, "Murderer": true, "Respawn_Timer": 3600, "BotNames": [ "a Zombie" ], "BotNamePrefix": "", "Keep_Default_Loadout": true, "Kit": [ "dome", "dome2" ], "Day_Time_Spawn_Amount": 100, "Night_Time_Spawn_Amount": 100, "Radius": 60, "Roam_Range": 30, "Chute": false, "Stationary": false, "UseCustomSpawns": false, "ChangeCustomSpawnOnDeath": false, "Announce_Spawn": false, "
  7. I apologize, I misspoke. Regular Rust NPC's work perfectly fine. Additionally a plugin through another platform called Zombie Horde also works fine. Only those bots spawned through BotSpawn are not walking and/or roaming. But Botspawn NPC's are reactive, just stationary (aka not completely frozen lol).
  8. We change maps each wipe (rust update) but yes, they did work previously.
  9. Thanks Steenamaroo, I have tried this and they don't move. I also have a ZombieHorde plugin and they move as well. I've also tried spawning the bots in different areas and still no dice. They will attack if you get within arms range of them but they wont walk/follow/move otherwise.
  10. Chris Jackson

    Not moving after update

    Bots spawn and show up as intended but for some reason they're not moving or "Roaming" anymore, anyone else having this issue? Tips/Tricks? Thanks in advance. Edit: To clarify this is for a custom profile.
  11. and Heavy Scientist assets/rust.ai/agents/npcplayer/humannpc/heavyscientist/heavyscientist.prefab
  12. Can you add the Heavy Scientist? assets/rust.ai/agents/npcplayer/humannpc/heavyscientist/heavyscientist.prefab And Scarecrow?

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