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  1. Hi, the disable Warning for decay is not staying off. After 10-15 mins the warning comes back.
  2. Hi, this plugin is doing conflict with an other plugin on umod that has the same name. As im using a program that auto updated the mods well it thinks i have the plugin from umod and updates over this mod here. Any way we could change the name of the plugin? After looking in the code i see that the user Orange on umod has copied your work.
  3. On the main page in the GUI under the Global Flags is Green = protected/ON cant be damaged or is it when its gray? i would recommend red for not protected and green for protected.
  4. Alaric


    yeah im having the same problem what should we call the second Content for sub page2?
  5. How can i add information on subpages "ShowOnSubPages"? i see that if i add "ShowOnSubPages": "1", it adds a button but where do i add the text?
  6. I found a workaround. I don't know if it will mess other things up but setting background image to 0 works: "BackGround": { "URL": "", "GoBehindNav": false, "ShowOnSubPages": "0", "PosBottomToTop": "0.0,0.0", "PosLeftToRight": "0.0,0.0"
  7. Hi, is there a way to not have a background image but just use the GuiTransparency as a background? The default settings has a background image that i would like to remove.
  8. Alaric

    button text not showing

    Hi, when changing SideNav = to true. The buttons show up on the left side but they have no text showing. I'm testing this with 10 pages. If i keep SideNav =false then the button text shows up.
  9. Alaric


    so if i understand if i would like 0.01% i need to put 10.000 right? 100/0.01=10,000
  10. Alaric


    Oh I'm not familiar with that... can you give a part of a config so i can see how it works.... I was thinking it was zero to a hundred.
  11. Alaric


    Dose this support % like 0.5? like under 1%

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