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  1. 2ic

    Raidable Bases

    its already set on "Prevent Fire From Spreading": true,
  2. 2ic

    Raidable Bases

    Hey Nivex, so I got 2 issues with your plugin: 1.- it doesn't like AntiNoobRaid plugin when using incen rocket: floods console with: (19:00:45) | [AntiNoobRaid] Structure at (-378.4, 10.0, 1379.3) has no owner! (19:00:45) | [AntiNoobRaid] Structure at (-378.4, 10.0, 1379.3) has no owner! (19:00:45) | [AntiNoobRaid] Structure at (-378.4, 10.0, 1379.3) has no owner! (19:00:45) | [AntiNoobRaid] Structure at (-378.4, 10.0, 1379.3) has no owner! (19:00:45) | [AntiNoobRaid] Structure at (-378.4, 10.0, 1379.3) has no owner! (19:00:45) | [AntiNoobRaid] Structure at (-378.4, 10
  3. 2ic

    Raidable Bases

    Hey Nivex, huge fan here for your contributions on umog.org. Been using admin radar, awg, truepve etc.. for months. It was a no brainer for me to get this mod with tier3 package. Tremendous work. I had to limit it a 1 base /h and without bubble effect: quite heavy on sfps even on my dedicated. A little question: is it possible to spawn a base with a certain difficulty within console? rcon? that would be amazing.
  4. 2ic


    Possible to make it work with Monument Bradley by Razor? Thanks.
  5. Am I blind? I can't find a link to my Purchased plugins anywhere..
  6. 2ic


    lol I tried pretty much all combinations: /iq, /iqc, /iqcraft, /iqcs, /iqcraftc of course didnt think about /craft lol maybe place it in mod description
  7. 2ic


    What are the permissions? how do I even start it? Video in Russian didnt help
  8. Hi m8, thanks for this nice plugin. think its possible to have scrap as payment/reward?
  9. 2ic


    Thanks for great plugin; can we have a phone.use permission for players? thanks
  10. Thanks for nice plugin. Is it possible to have permission to use it? I definitely do not want this to be available to everyone on the server because ... players will abuse it and place hundreds upon hundreds of those just because they can.. even better permission on x vanilla times burn duration: "candletimer.use": 2, "candletimer.lite": 3, "candletimer.reg": 4, "candletimer.pro": 5 "fogtimer.use": 2, "fogtimer.lite": 3, "fogtimer.reg": 4, "fogtimer.pro": 5 * "candletimer.use": 2 will burn twice as long...
  11. 2ic


    Hi, thanks for nice plugin. Do you think its possible to add /birthday set month/date through console? for admin to set it.. Thank you.

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