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  1. Mark


    I don't think this plugin has an option to respawn Loot Boxes. I think it only controls what is in it you might be looking for SpawnControl | CHAOS_CODE or something that does the same on uMod
  2. Was this ever done i would pay for this as well
  3. Mark

    BotSpawn Custom Kit

    Chainsaw in Hands makes no sound when using via a custom kit.
  4. You can do this with rust rewards.
  5. Mark


    What plugin are you using that you think solves this problem?
  6. If i try to add a new rule it does not work aswell
  7. Removed all keybinds tried custom again no go. Acting really strange
  8. Won't let me make it keeps messing up when putting in name I type the name click description and it auto completes it for some reason and wont let me do nothing else with it. "AllowCustomEdit": true,
  9. was trying to figure this out for over an hour this is needed please
  10. Mark

    Min/Max weapon condition per Item

    "spear.wooden": { "probability": 0, "maxStack": 1, "minStack": 1, "blueprintChancePercent": 0, "skins": [] }, Like i want this to have a diff condition from others I know i can do the whole category but don't want that. "BotSpawn-Airfield 0": { "enabled": true, "lootTable": "Airfieldzombies", "maxItems": 6, "minItems": 6, "gunsWithAmmo": false, "noGuns": false, "MaxBps": 3, "MinWeaponCondition": 100, "MaxWeaponCondition": 100, "WaterPreFillPercent": 100,
  11. I see you can change the min/max condition per category but can you do it per item?
  12. Mark

    Custom Loot Tables

    Off Question do i need Alphaloot with using this plugin? its almost the same thing right?
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