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  1. Lemo


    Super fast and friendly Developer and got my answer after 5 min plugin still need some perfections but overall its amazing for my servers. thanks for your hard work
  2. Lemo

    How can i remove all info for Eco

    it works amazing my friend. thanks
  3. Lemo

    How can i remove all info for Eco

    Thanks i will try it now. and wait for the function after the update. I really like how you made it.
  4. How can i remove the ECO buttons in the menu ? i like to run fully on RP and dont need the ECO visual in the Garage UI. greets Lemo
  5. Lemo


    i like it already and a function for ServerRewards will be super cool
  6. Plugin stopped working after last Rust Update
  7. is there a command to trigger the plugin ?
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