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  1. Thanks for your kind words, I think AI fits perfectly. Just out of interest, do the bots work properly on the monument in terms of navmesh?
  2. Soggy

    Bug with water

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to Can't Reproduce
  3. Soggy

    Bug with water

    After extensive testing, I wasn't able to reproduce the bug, with or without any changes made to the river. Also, turns out that the water trigger isn't for adding, but for removing water, so it was right after all, not including it. I'm fairly certain the issue lies either with rustedit not properly placing the prefab or is some problem with the Rust code itself. I've put some troubleshooting tips into the changelog, so try to nudge one or two river nodes around a little bit and see if that fixes it.
  4. Soggy

    Bug with water

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  5. Soggy

    Bug with water

    On it! Really weird tho, when I tested it, I swam normally so I removed the extra triggers.
  6. Soggy

    Puzzle not working

    Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug Changed Fixed In to 1.1
  7. Soggy

    Puzzle not working

    glad it works now, have fun!
  8. Soggy

    Puzzle not working

    Hello there! thanks for reporting this issue! I can't reproduce that on my end right now. In order to troubleshoot, please try this: To check whether the rustedit plugin is actually properly installed, please start your server and type the command "rustedit" into the console. If there's an error or no response, something went wrong on the server modding end and the plugin isn't actually properly installed. Please go into Rustedit, look at the monument, and then check "Show IO connections" under the "View" menu dropdown. There should be "cables" showing between the
  9. Glad that you like it! Be sure to read the included readme for license information. If you have questions after that regarding including the monument in your map, just ask me!
  10. Version 1.2


    I rebuilt the Customs Big Red Warehouse from EFT in Rust. It's a high tier monument with blue and red key doors and enough loot for everyone, so it should be heavily contested! Anyone can use the monument in their Rust server for free! I will mention your server here if you use it: Servers using the monument: DemonicDragons Soloville Sunday Credits green computer font by RobJ
    Oh boy this sure is a RustEdit Creator Map!
  11. I registered with steam, but it asks for my "old password" on the change page, when i don't have an old password.
  12. How to do it? There's no option for it.
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