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  1. if you want more than 2 you should just get PhoneCore
  2. How do i disable the messages again? i forgot what i did in the last version lol
  3. Yeah thats at launch site Maybe you could add a feature that auto kills scientist after x minutes?
  4. Just noticed that scientists can walk through buildings and shoot at players through the walls.
  5. Ohh, didnt see that one. Thanks Thought it would be added into this plugin ^^
  6. Can you update it to include the boats in the new fishing villages?
  7. Yeah, would love to be able to remove the messages. If i delete the lang file will that disable it or will the plugin not work if i do that?
  8. HardStyle-Soul


    Sometimes (pretty often) when i drag a beancan onto the spear it makes 2 spears
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