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  1. Strange, it worked to begin with, but all of a sudden im not able to craft them :S
  2. HardStyle-Soul

    Plugin not working

    Plugin no longer works. i have the permission and is not able to craft the spear. Was able to craft it before the latest rust update.
  3. HardStyle-Soul


    Could you do so you can chose the picture you want to use, maybe as an URL? I want to use the picture you had but in another color as that fits my server bettter.
  4. HardStyle-Soul


    And an option to use steamid64 to use the cake image in chat for the messages would look nice too.
  5. HardStyle-Soul


    And a Log of people claiming their gift would be nice as people might try to claim the gift and then say they entered the birthday wrong to get it 2 times
  6. HardStyle-Soul


    i just added it and set my birthday for today, when i claimed it it did not post that it was my birthday, why is that? it only said this
  7. i think i worte that worng, i meant that you could set the chance of npc's spawning when the bradley has like 50% health left. Something like this: 30% chance of npc's spawning when the bradley have 50% health 60% chance of npc's spawning when the bradley have 25% health
  8. Thanks! would be nice to make it a little harder, i thiunk my players would like a bigger challenge Maybe even an option to set the chance of npc's spawning at different % health Then the player will not know what to expect when taking the bradley. Or atleast not know 100% when/if they spawn
  9. Just got an idea. "waves" of npc's spawn. An option to let's say make the bradley spawn a few npc's when the bradley health bar is at 75%, 50% or 25% That would make the bradley event even harder as players would need to kill the npc's before killing the bradley completely, and then ofc spawn the npc's when bradley explodes.
  10. i would delete all groups and try to make them again and see if that fixes the issue, thats what fixed mine
  11. I had a problem with permissions not being granted to groups too. My sollution was to copy my BetterChat data file, delete better chat, delete all oxide groups and crate them again, then add back BetterChat and replace the data file with the old one. For some weird reason there was a problem with the groups i had. Hope this can be helpfull
  12. HardStyle-Soul

    Dupe glich

    Any chance you could fix the random duplication of thunderpoons when they are crafted?
  13. if you want more than 2 you should just get PhoneCore
  14. How do i disable the messages again? i forgot what i did in the last version lol
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