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  1. Do the spawned entities despawn at day? Or do they linger until they're killed?
  2. Ah, then why do heavy scientists and murderers still get their kits? And is there a way to configure the plugin to also target these spawned in npcs? (I'm just asking to try and better trouble shoot if this happens again in the future)
  3. So I'd have to change the plugin itself to include these spawned in bandits?
  4. But I can also spawn them in, and when I had the kits equipped onto them, the bandits as well as the junk pile scientists (who both had the same kits((the ones assigned to the "scientist" profile)) when the "scientist" profile had kits) spawned with their default kit, and when I added kits to the "scientist" profile they both gained the kits equipped to that profile.
  5. Idk, could it be that I'm running a custom map?
  6. bwahaha, nice. No complaints at all. I guess Ill try reinstalling the plugin?
  7. The issue I'm having seems to be with a specific few profiles. The bandits and the junk pile scientists spawn with their default game equipment, while murderers and heavy scientists spawn with their kit load outs. I have also checked to make sure the kits work, and have all the items necessary.
  8. There is no kit on the "scientist" scientist profile. I'm saying it then proceeds to negate the kits set on the listed other npcs
  9. I tried this, then it strips kits from bandit, and junkpile scientist and reverts them to their default loadout So far heavy scientists are fine, and use their kit correctly. But mounted gunner scientists also lack a kit when the default scientist kit is cleared, and I'm not sure how to spawn in others.
  10. How would one go about turning a profile off? Should I just delete that profile?
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