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  1. Version 1.1


    Rusty Gulch is a western themed town. There are many amenities within Rusty Gulch to fit your cowboy needs. There is a Saloon, Hotel, General Store, Jail, Bank, and a Post Office. The Hotel has 2 green keycard puzzles The Bank has 1 Blue keycard puzzle 4 vending machines at the General Store Research Table at the Post Office Repair Bench at the Saloon I provided two versions. One prefab has the custom font, the other has standard incase of performance issues. Photos show both versions. Rusty Gulch w/Standard Font: 2409 prefab count Rusty Gulch
  2. Version 1.1


    This is a pirate ship monument with a red and blue puzzle. There is a recycler, research table, repair bench, and a mixing table on board. Get your sea legs ready. Argh. -Lambo *NOTE: Will have to place NPC Spawner's on the ship after placement. Will provided updated version with NPC's once NPC Spawner is fixed. Can use this prefab for maps. if plan on selling map or monetizing, please ask for permission for use prior to purchasing.
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