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  1. P4R4N0RM4L

    Date not working

    Date not working under title
  2. I would also add the possibility to be able to move the threads up or down as I see fit as a drag and drop option
  3. P4R4N0RM4L

    CSS for DropDown

    Can you make the drop down (server selector) the same as all the other dropdowns of the website From To I don't need the filter option just the same type of dropdown to have everything look the same on the website!
  4. These are just a few configs that I am thinking about right now off the top of my head if you can give me a list of what is possible with electrical items that would be awesome So I can think about more items to add to the config Change battery input max / max output (config option) (available in better electricity) change number of items you can link up together (nested components) (unlimited) (Limit is 15 as of right now) change output of all electrical generators (config option) (available in better electricity) make root combiners don't use power (config option)
  5. @MaykenPlay English please, we don't understand russian !
  6. No Escape has always worked for me, Maybe you should try it again !
  7. https://umod.org/plugins/better-electricity
  8. I know that it is not made by Mkekala lol, I'm just saying that Ember is cheaper and has more functions than your leaderboard. Ember is also a One-Time Payment.
  9. Why is this more expensive than Ember Itself ? That's including the discord module and the forums module put together!
  10. Hello guys, I have forked a repo on Github to display Rust stats on your website for your servers (up to 6 servers). The stats page use PlayerRanks plugin from @Steenamaroo on Codefling and/or SQL Stats plugin from Visagalis on Chaoscode.io (SQL Stats just used to display animal kills) Battlemetrics API is also supported to show Online / server rank / uptime and entities Please note you need some experience with websites and SQL in order to install the plugins and the files necessary. I would like to thank Kennethrisa for developing the first version of this proje
  11. This can be closed, he has the plugin he wants
  12. What Exactly are you looking for, you have to be more specific. Looking for a plugin? Looking for a Rustedit map maker / prefab maker?
  13. I don't think that this is possible.
  14. I did not see it in your description thinking it was not implemented ! Sorry bout that
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