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  1. Just configured the plugin for the exact loot that I wanted on the scientist ... (custom loot table) called scientist and their bodies are empty. I have disabled the Loot Profiles in Alphaloot for the NPCs to see if there might be a a conflict of plugins. once I did that I retested to see if that would fix the issue and I still get the same result. After disabling, CustomLoot the items have appeared on their bodies but only vanilla items. Can you tell me how to fix this problem ?
  2. P4R4N0RM4L

    Button optional?

    Can you make the button optional in the config ? and does this support temp bans ?
  3. nah tried that too after destroying it ... nothing popped up
  4. Steps I tried to reproduce the error Spawned my mini - destroyed it with rocket - no result destroyed random copters with rockets - no result tried /gmini after copter destroyed - no result I cannot reproduce the error as of right now !
  5. How can I kill a non-existent copter? So I can test ?
  6. Don't know... just saw it appear in console... asking players what they have done to reproduce this error.
  7. Failed to call hook 'OnEntityKill' on plugin 'MyMiniCopter v0.2.4' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) at Oxide.Plugins.MyMiniCopter.OnEntityKill (BaseNetworkable entity) [0x0000d] in <0b50abf976e54244a3b3e9a20e3df0e8>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.MyMiniCopter.DirectCallHook (System.String name, System.Object& ret, System.Object[] args) [0x001e6] in <0b50abf976e54244a3b3e9a20e3df0e8>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.CSharpPlugin.InvokeMethod (Oxide.Core.Plugins.HookMethod method, System.Object[] args) [0x00079] in <8a646463979e4a1d9c0e2f1298e9483f&
  8. Thanks that would be awesome.
  9. Looking for someone to make a plugin for players to be able to have sentry turrets w/wo the use of power (sold in-game store) with these options: 1 - Can get damage: true/false 2 - Required power: 0 - 100 3 - Authorize tc members true/false 4 - Range: if possible 5 - Health: 6 - Aim cone: if possible I already have a plugin like this but the support is unreliable and non-existent. So looking for an alternative options here... Maybe someone who can either fix my current plugin or make one completely from scratch! I can pay for both alternatives!
  10. Glad to be part of this community !
  11. Version 1.0.1


    Simple plugin that prints server rules with a custom icon on command. Add the Chat Icon of your choice in the config file and change your rules in the SimpleRules.json in the oxide/lang/en folder. Reload the plugin and you're set. Thanks to @Death @Nivex @KillYou for helping out! Permission simplerules.use Config { "Chat Icon (SteamID64)": 0, "Use Chat Prefix": true } Lang File { "Rules": "1.)No Griefing.\n2.)No Door Camping.", "No Permission": "You do not have permission to run this command!", "Prefix": "<color=#55aaff>[Server Rules]
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