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  1. @Kleementin The only problem there is that /skin also is a command in PlayerSkins to reskin items. So I am gonna just change in the PlayerSkins CS file the command to be /skinshop ....seems to resolve it ...I can just let our players know of the change in our Discord, shouldn't be a huge ordeal Its a great mod @MikeHawke....I been looking for something like this that you can customize and ease up the need for so many chat commands to remember
  2. Its PlayerSkins over at Chaos Code...I got a chat.say bind for it so it works but it calls for the extra "" like this chat.say "/skin shop" in order for it to take with the space convention in it. I tried it that way but it has a JSON error when I do it due to the "" in there already
  3. Yea its odd, I am not seeing a way to get it to take. We did have that hot fix update yesterday for client updates so maybe something with it is getting in the way. Luckily I mod a little myself so I probably just redo the commands in the original CS file for a few of the mods that are setup this omit the need for a space as a work around, seemed to work that way.
  4. Funny you mention CustomLoot because I just downloaded it for a replacement with BetterLoot about an hour ago lol. Actually thats pretty cool that BotSpawns works that way, I may have to end up getting it @Steenamaroo I been having issues with BetterLoot lately randomly ignoring Heli and Bradley tables, think its a conflict with a gather mod I have to increase gather rates by wearing special clothing we place on the server. I try to keep core loot pretty vanilla for our users but I really need to try your mod to up the bigger crates, make it more worth the effort on those for our users. So I probably will be using that, seems to fit us more but I may compare BotSpawns too, maybe learn a few tricks to kind of blend things as I upgrade. Appreciate that heads up
  5. I am actually having the same problem. When I put this in: "Command For Place One": "skin shop", or "Command For Place One": "/skin shop", It comes up with UNKNOWN COMMAND skin ...ignores anything with a space after. Any other route to make spaced chat commands go through? I tried also chat.say /skin shop and chat.say skin shop but it comes up with UNKNOWN COMMAND chat.say
  6. No problem, I will try to grab that mod soon and see if I can jive things together for it. Interesting use case idea so I appreciate the question, got me thinking lol
  7. It may be able to, I am not an owner of BotSpawn so I can't tell you how exactly things work with that mod but if you can trigger it to run the command /random.kit I would figure it can auto issue a set for those with the role permissions in my mod. I have time triggers set in there so that is adjustable, I just don't have any GIVETO at the moment in there so it would take the user right now to trigger the command so BotSpawn would at this stage have to be a user account driven command to run for them. If that makes sense, kind of was looking at the BotSpawn description and there maybe a way to work with it. I may investigate ways with this to work together better, still have plans to do more with this mod, its at its very simplistic stages right now.
  8. Version 0.1.1


    This mod will allow you to give up to 8 items as Random Kits to your players with cooldown options you can set in the config. You can make it daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly when the kits maybe redeemed...the option is up to you. This mod will automatically and randomly apply selected kits established within the config when a player claims them. In the config you have options for Items (clothing/items/electrical/so on), Weapons, Ammo (with a variable to give a min and max), Resources (also with a variable to give a min and max amount), and Food (plus a variable to give a min and max set amount). Items will drop on the ground if the player's inventory is full so they don't lose their kit. An item pop up will also show on the right side of the screen when kit items are recieved. Also added is a personal chat message to let them know that they have received a kit at the same time. (NOTE: You may delete lines in the config for items you may want to remove to shrink the kit size. You can't add more than 8 items per kit...this maybe expanded on later) Commands for use: /random.kit - Players can use this chat command to redeem their random kit bind <whateverkeyyouwish> chat.say /random.kit - To bind the redemption command to a key Permissions: randomkits.use - Allows player to use the /random.kit chat command randomkits.cooldown - Allows player to ignore the command cooldown Example Config: { "1. Command cooldown": 86400.0, //Initially set to 24 hours but you can set it to whatever amount in seconds you wish "2. List of weapons": [ { "Item1 shortname": "burlap.shirt", "Item2 shortname": "", "Item3 shortname": "burlap.trousers", "Item4 shortname": "", "Weapon shortname": "pistol.eoka", "Ammo shortname": "", "Minimal ammo that be given": 10, "Maximal ammo that be given": 100, "Resource shortname": "wood", "Minimal resource that be given": 10, "Maximal resource that be given": 10000, "Food shortname": "pumpkin", "Minimal food that be given": 5, "Maximal food that be given": 50 } //add a , and you can copy the list above and insert after to add more kits to make it more random ] }