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  1. CADÃO

    Not Possible edit config

    { "Plugin Settings": { "Wounding duration (float, default: 60.0)": 600.0, "Start health when wounded (float, default: 100.0)": 600.0, "Maximum health-over-time recovered after getting up (float, default: 30.0)": 30.0 }, }
  2. You send all config? Vending price / invisible vending
  3. CADÃO


    I received an email today saying that he had updade.
  4. CADÃO


    Did you have an update?
  5. CADÃO

    Skin not work?

    No, type /craft
  6. Hi please. Is possible creat 1 plugin for many custom item? Exemple Craft, HQM+TARP+SPRING FOR 1 Jack Or (exemple)
  7. CADÃO

    Skin not work?

    Hi, SKIN ID not working for me.
  8. Yes. I get the plugin thank you very much.
  9. UI Accept or Refuse For / VIEW INVENTORY/ All Options command in Chat every have permission Discrdor: CadãO#3854
  10. Wounded (Button - REQUEST MEDIC) Medic (Can revive) All Options command in Chat every have permission CadãO#3854
  11. CADÃO

    ADD TIME and GOD

    example. When it hurts, nobody will kill. When you take 2 headshots. does not die is injured. Never dies before getting hurt
  12. CADÃO

    ADD TIME and GOD

    Is possible add Show Time in screan and don't die while you're down
  13. I need a plugin that changes the global skin. Exemple. add new skin ak. Open box the new skin ak. take pumpkin change skin and pumpkin seed other skin.
  14. CADÃO

    Save global Skin data

    Is possible add global save data? Exemple. * Collected "Cloud" change Skin for ID 111111 * Collected "Hemp Seed" change skin for id 11111 * "scrap" change skin for id 111111
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