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  1. cashr


    Yes, you can use these plugins. As soon as I solve my problems I will release an update.
  2. cashr


    Well, as soon as I finish all my orders, I'll release an update for it.
  3. cashr


    Hi, I'm ready to do it if at least 1 person buys it, as long as it doesn't make sense
  4. cashr


    Yes, it can be done, but if it doesn't work, I'll update it for you for free.
  5. cashr


    Do you mean to make an additional module separately for fuel?
  6. cashr


    I'm not sure what you're talking about
  7. HideMapMarker.cs If I understand correctly, this will help you. The fact is that I speak English poorly and I have difficulties translating.
  8. I'll try it. tell me do you need to completely delete all markers from the map?
  9. cashr


    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    The plugin allows you to configure the rates of a regular player and a player with a privilege. Here is an example of the configuration and its features: { "Rate multiplier (barrels) for default players": 1.0, "Rate multiplier (box) for default players": 1.0, "Rate multiplier (pickup) for default players": 1.0, "Rate multiplier (gather) for default players": 1.0, "List of ignored items": [ "scrap", "apple" ], "Rate multiplier (barrels) for privileges": { "modulerate.vip": 2.0, "modulerate.elite": 3.0 }, "Rate multiplier (box) for privileges": { "
  10. cashr

    Radiation Damage

    I did it, if that's not what you need - let me know.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    The plugin changes the mechanics of fuel use in cars. Now, before putting fuel in the gas tank, the player needs to find a canister and use it to fill the fuel. The player can find the canister in any box. From features: The player will not be able to pick up / put fuel in the tank. If a player drinks gasoline , they will be poisoned. It is possible to "suck" the gasoline from the tank, for this you need a hose. Flexible configuration of fuel purchase, you can use both the item and the balance of the economy. Later you will see a video, to fill up the car
  12. cashr

    Radiation Damage

    OK, I'll finish with 1 plugin and update it.
  13. No, this only works for the owner of the building so far. Maybe in the future I will make a full plugin and publish it here
  14. cashr


    Version 1.0.3


    The plugin adds the ability to install a mining farm on your server. Features: - There is a full drop setting. - Set the minimum charge and the desired frequency(for more information, see the configuration) - It is possible to connect any economy Command to get all components for the farm: /getfarm-available only to the administrator Added the givefarm console command(for issuing components via the store). Example: givefarm Name/steamid battery/light/broadcast. The plugin was tested on 2 servers, no problems were found. All bugs will be fixed as they are
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