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  1. ZoinDev

    Rust Spawner

    Version 2.0.2


    Rust Spawner is a plugin that you can spawn cars/helis/animals Features Spawns Horse Spawns Wolf Spawns Car Spawns Scrap Heli Spawns Mini Copter Spawns Bear Spawns Zombie Commands `/rspawn wolf` - Spawns a Wolf `/rspawn horse` - Spawns a Horse `/rspawn bear` - Spawns a Bear `/rspawn mini` - Spawns a Mini Copter `/rspawn scrapheli` - Spawns a Scrap Heli `/rspawn car` - Spawns a Car `/rspawn zombie` - Spawns a Zombie Permissions rustspawner.horse rustspawner.wolf rustspawner.bear rustspawner.sedan rustspawner.zombie RustSpawner.car rustspawner.minicopter rustspawner.scrapheli rustspawner.nocooldown Credits krungh crow, for helping the latest updates My discord for support on this project and suggestions for updates & for other projects im working on like custom maps and plugins and etc https://discord.gg/eN3eNMr