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  1. No worries, I'll check back on it later tonight. Thanks!
  2. I was wanting to see if the primary photo function was working correctly. I went into my file and changed the primary photo earlier today and saved and it still hasn't changed. Do I need to reupload them?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    If there's one thing Rust lacks, in my opinion, it's atmosphere with their vehicles. As is currently, vehicles serve only as mediocre decoration and maybe a platform to hold loot, they're very static feeling. I feel like the vehicles can be much more than that. The vehicles in this pack breathe new life into maps and add a dynamic atmosphere to help improve the immersion in your server. In this pack I have included the following vehicles: Black Sedan Blue Sedan Green Sedan Red Sedan White Sedan Dump Truck Level - with two variations of lights
    Small monument but it feels very atmospheric and its layout makes sense. Love it.
    I actually really like this monument. It's a good size, very clean, puzzle is fun, and layout makes sense. It's great for a PVP scenario. I do wish the lighting were a bit improved for night scenarios but that's really my only negative thing to say about it. Great monument especially for free!
    Absolutely beautiful plugin for managing permissions. Very clean and intuitive. One of my most commonly used plugins as an admin. Highly recommend.
    Works as described, I love the toggle for charcoal on wood. Good job.
    Does exactly what it says it does and quickly. I spawned the car not thinking I would be able to drive it but I actually could. Got excited and spawned a bear thinking I could ride that too and chase down people with a bow. But sadly you cannot ride the animals. Still good plugin though!
  4. Maverick

    Issues with zombie hordes.

    I placed only this plugin and the zombies plugin on an isolated testing server and I was still getting the errors. There were no other plugins to conflict with them.
  5. Maverick

    Issues with zombie hordes.

    That's really odd that we have the exact same plugins and configs and you get no errors while I do. I'm just not going to use the plugin, it's causing far too many issues for me. Thanks for troubleshooting I guess lol
  6. Maverick

    Issues with zombie hordes.

    For whatever reason it's not letting me submit the config using the code format. https://pastebin.com/dV0Sftb0
  7. Maverick

    Issues with zombie hordes.

    Just as a follow up on that, when NextGenPVE was on the server with ZombieHorde, Any zombie from ZombieHorde would generate those error messages, This does not happen when NextGenPVE is unloaded.
  8. Maverick

    Issues with zombie hordes.

    I'm honestly not that great with scripting so I would be limited in my ability to help with that. I would be more than happy to test any revisions you make and let you know what happens, though.
  9. Maverick

    Issues with zombie hordes.

    With that amount that quick, my assumption would be a combination of both.
  10. Maverick

    Issues with zombie hordes.

    Take your pick, my friend. 2800 lines of errors practically instantaneously. https://pastebin.com/TafiLdnJ
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