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  1. Coentro


    Really like this. I have an PVE Server and this plugin is a "Must Have"
  2. Coentro

    Spawns at Dome

    Thanks Worked fine, completly forgot to set it to true
  3. Coentro

    Spawns at Dome

    Thank you for your Reply I think I have done everything right, but maybe I'm missing something When I type Bots.Count it gives-me this result: [BotSpawn] Airfield 0 - 10 [BotSpawn] The Dome 0 - 5 [BotSpawn] AirDrop - 0 [BotSpawn] TopDome - 1 When I look for TopDome Bot, he's at the ground I want spawn only 1 bot at this location and used configurations attached config.txt costum.txt
  4. Coentro

    Spawns at Dome

    Hello, first of all, let me say that this plugin is great! I run a PVE Server and this is a must have plugin to a PVE Server, you have done a great work here Steenamaroo. I have a question that is haunting me, is it possible to put Bots at the top of the Dome and at the Middle of Dome? This way, i can offer a little more difficulty to this monument. I've created 2 custom spawns (TopDome and MiddleDome) at the positions that I want, but bots spawnned at the ground Thank you in advance for you support.