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  1. $5.00

    Ruined Roadside Village

    This once nice village has been overrun by garbage and has been lost to time. Coming in at 467 prefabs used this monument will fit into any road you have on your map and although it's made to be put in the forest you can put in in any Terrain you'd like. The loot is a green card puzzle holding a blue card 2 guncrates and a tool crate at the other side there's also a recycler and 3 other toolcrates scattered around the monument and a tunnel loot strip. keep in mind that you'll have to put down the alpha (holes in the floor) yourself at all the entrances and exits into the ground.

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  2. $2.00

    Beach Compound Gamma

    In the past as the brave scientists of cobalt would hold back the onslaught of rust players and try to stop them from reaching the island they set up a compound to hold them back. This however ended up with them getting attacked at some date and being overrun. The green card puzzle inside of it is still operational though and with a fuse and a green card you can get your hands on a blue card and a mighty fine bit of loot. to be specific in the monument there are 3 normal crates 1 gun crate and a medical crate. The monument has a total of 207 prefabs.

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  3. $2.00

    Pepper & Jones BBQ

    In the distant past on the island lived 2 friends, Pepper and Jones They were living the post apocalyptic dream of running a bbq business, when some day they both died. Their legacy lives on as nakeds fight to the death in the ruins of this once booming establishment. With an in built heating and lighting system this monument will be seen from the furthest distances and provide heat for whoever is close enough to it. The monument has 2 miner crates and holds 168 objects.

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  4. $4.50

    Desert Observatory

    This monument is built as a little hub for people to chill fight or live. There's 2 little building spots for the creative ape to exploit and combined with some alright loot this becomes a very nice spot to have in your rust map. The monument holds a refinery, 2 basic crates and 1 normal crate. The monument has 103 objects.

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