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  1. the command to grant a default group of players permission to set and remove homes for example in RCON or console is: oxide.grant group default nteleportation.home
  2. k19windowmaker

    MySQL Error

    Thanks for the help Steenamaroo. That fixed it.
  3. k19windowmaker

    MySQL Error

    Hello, I just noticed my database is no longer being updated by Player Ranks. I use the MySQL integration to update my website Mega-Rust.com with the player stats in detail and to display to display a summary of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Currently some data is being uploaded but a lot is not. I attached a screen shot to this post showing the console error. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, K19 MySQL_Error.zip
  4. wow that is awesome. thanks.
  5. I loaded the boom plugin and granted myself access with oxide.grant group admin boom.allowed then I ran the command /boom and fired a bolt and lr300 but no explosions happened.
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