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  1. Trusty


    Very nice plug-in and does what it says. I had a large copy/paste project that I had to change the skins on several items and this was a lifesaver.
  2. Trusty

    Not accepting /snip # command.

    That works thanks, just need to update your description. I tested on multiple items and everything worked. Nice plug-in.
  3. Trusty

    Not accepting /snip # command.

    Installed on a couple of my servers, and even restarted them. See attached pics where it gives me perms with no issues. When I look at a placed box I enter command "/skin 1167385596" and in chat it just says per attached pic "Unknown Command: skin". Am I not understanding how to use the plug-in? snip.zip
    Great tool and I can't imagine life without it. Thanks so much for this! And thanks for the recent update allowing spaces in a group name.
  4. Well zones could definitely be an issue. I am using TruePVE which basically takes the whole map and turns into a PvE zone. So a player cannot be killed by another player, but a player can still be hurt by anything else. A player cannot be killed when sleeping but they can be looted. Then I am using AutoZones to create PVP zones over certain monuments. You can see these areas as there is a bubbled dome over them. And now lets add to the complexity, we have a zone created by StartingPoint where a player cannot be looted or killed which is a small zone which is withing the TruePVE zone and
  5. Here is a large chunk of RCon report, looks normal to me. Sorry I missed you today, unfortunately the times I am on you are likely not because of our time difference. This is not an emergency or anything though and I appreciate your offer to help and advise. RCon.zip
  6. Thanks for checking things out there. I pasted my current json config file for you below. Maybe there are some settings here I need to adjust? And currently my "Only Spawn at SpawnPoint" is False so I just changed it to True, see it that helps. I guess my goals were when a new player logs onto the server I would like them to spawn in front of the Hotel, but then after that if they respawn in the future then I would like it to be random and let Rust decided location because by that time they will learn they can always get back to the hotel using /town. With that idea in mind should my set
  7. I'm not sure if this is normal or not but something else I will add. You know how you can walk right through a sleeping player on the ground? Like you can look down and see your feet and legs ghosted inside them. Well the 2 new sleeping upright players are a solid mass that you cannot walk through, you have to walk around them.
  8. Hmm, well maybe still a problem and the timer may have added a second problem. This player "BearclawBrandon" in attached picture "snip" logged on and off almost 5 hours ago. He now seems to be sleeping upright at the Starting Point. Its possible he logged in and got stuck in foundation like other players then logged off right after? AND....after closer look I can see there are actually 2 players stacked in the same spot. A second player is there "Wiccn" is ghosted inside Bearclaw. Wiccn logged on and off almost 9 hours ago. In second picture attached "snip2" from a couple days ago.
  9. Hey Mike, I just loaded the update onto my test server so I will watch it for a few days as new players log in and report back. It's logical because I have new players spawning in front of a HUGE hotel so likely it was not fully rendered when they spawned in. You are welcome to log onto the server and see it work (lol or get stuck depending). Feel free to delete this connect after you see it, this test server is scheduled to be taken down permanently in about a week. F1 client.connect Thanks for the help! Trusty
    Works perfectly. I have it spawning new players at a large hotel entrance on my PvE server and it gifts them a few things to get started.
  10. I'm having a problem in that players are getting stuck in a building foundation where I created my Start Point. The foundation is built approximately .25m above map grade. I have tried creating my Start Point using 2 methods. One, physically standing on the foundation. Two, in Noclip mode floating above the foundation about .5m. Regardless of which method I use the players are spawning stuck about knee height down into the foundation and cannot move. Most are logging off right after so I lose that new player and others of course ask for help in chat and if I am on I tp over and /remove t
  11. Trusty

    The Cursed

    These are awesome! Keep'em coming. Would be curious to see some larger 4 person clan bases.
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