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  1. skavi


    This plugin allows players to carry pagers and be notified when an event starts. For example, when cargo ship comes out. Players can already get notified via RF when either of the oil rigs is being taken, or when the excavator is being used. This add more uses to the RF system. There is no on-screen message sent to players - notification is only sent on the in game RF frequencies. Other plugins already exist to provide on screen notifications - this is for servers that don't want on-screen notifications. Why would a server owner prefer this over on-screen notifications? To increase immersion and to balance the notification. In order to receive the notification you have to go through the effort to set up RF and carry a pager etc. On-screen notifications, in my opinion, make it too easy for players. They should earn the right to be notified.
  2. skavi


    Version 1.0.1


    Disables events if the number of players is below a configurable threshold. The required number of players is configured per event. Events are: Bradley APC Cargo plane Cargo ship CH47 helicopter Patrol helicopter Configuration A configuration is automatically create the first time the plugin is loaded, allowing one to set the minimum required population for each event type. { "Bradley APC minimum players": 0, "Cargo plane minimum players": 0, "Cargo ship minimum players": 0, "CH47 helicopter minimum players": 0, "Patrol helicopter minimum players": 0 }


  3. skavi


    Version 1.1.1


    Event RF broadcasts on a separate RF frequency for different events, such as cargo ship, patrol helicopter etc. Chat commands /eventrf list shows a list of events for which RF broadcasting is enabled and the frequencies on which they will be broadcast. Configuration A configuration file will be created when first loaded with a setting to enable RF broadcasting for each type of event, and a setting to configure the RF frequency for each event. { "Bradley APC RF enabled": true, "Bradley APC RF frequency": 4788, "Cargo plane RF enabled": true, "Cargo plane RF frequency": 4786, "Cargo ship RF enabled": true, "Cargo ship RF frequency": 4785, "CH47 helicopter RF enabled": true, "CH47 helicopter RF frequency": 4787, "Patrol helicopter RF enabled": true, "Patrol helicopter RF frequency": 4789 } Note that the range 4760-4790 cannot be broadcast to by normal players, so using frequencies within that range is recommended.