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  1. That is not intended, I don't understand how that would happen as it's only using the loss hook, so it would no way add won scrap. Do you have any other plugins that messes around with the wheel, it's odds or something like that? I will test it tonight to make sure this a thing.
  2. Version 1.0.2


    You can only Craft when standing next to a workbench! Configuration: { "ShowMessages": false } Localization: { "inofrange": "Stay in the workbench radius, or your crafting queue will be canceled!", "outofrange": "You cant craft if you arent in workbench radius!", "canceled": "You have left the workbench range so your crafting queue was canceled!" }
  3. NubbbZ


    Hehe you found the exploit, and it means that there needs to be x amount of scrap in the jackpot to be announced in chat. Il fix it
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Recyclers are back on the oil rigs just like it used to be! You can customize the location of the recycler however you want! Notes: OilrigAI = Small Oil Rig OilrigAI2 = Large Oil Rig Use RustEdit to get the position and rotation information if you plan on changing its location! "place the oil rig prefab in the center of the map, set its position and rotation all to 0 and then place your recycler and get its position/rotation" Configuration: { "Monuments": { "OilrigAI": { "Position": { "x": 21.1, "y": 22.6, "z": -30.6
  5. NubbbZ


    it draws the jackpot and then resets it to start again!
  6. NubbbZ

    not working

    Np man anytime!
  7. NubbbZ

    not working

    Fixed it, you can read the changelog to see why it was happening, hope you enjoy the plugin!
  8. NubbbZ

    not working

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed
  9. NubbbZ

    not working

    Did u update umod on your server? Because in the latest they changed it again, anyhow il actually get it done and uploaded by sometime tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience
  10. NubbbZ

    not working

    nvm not tonight did it right now, ive updated the hook so it should fix it
  11. NubbbZ

    not working

    I will take a look tonight, and release a fix.
  12. NubbbZ

    not working

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  13. Version 1.2.2


    Ever wanted to know how many sleepers are on your server? With this plugin u can! Permissions: sleepercount.use - Gives the player access to the command! Commands: /sleepers - Returns the total number of sleepers that are in the server! Localization: { "none": "There are currently no sleepers on the server!", "single": "There is {0} sleeping player!", "multiple": "There are {0} sleeping players!", "denied": "You don't have permission to use that command!" }
  14. This developer is delusional, dont even bother with him.
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