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  1. Did you only update the 1 road spot? cuss all roads need to be snapped to the ground terrain properly still for all other hills an stuff? (Haven't tested new map update yet though) but all was affected
  2. + Map spawn points are broke they all spawn at 1 spot at the top snow area no matter what i do.
  3. Every single road is affected like slightly off the ground if you no-clip inside them for example you can see the gaps. Because of this all npcs that go on roads look like weird. xD
  4. Hello, Umm none of the roads are correctly snapped to the terrain stuff and its leaving a gap of space causing NPC's to vanish under them in like there feet's and in some spots there hole bodies..
  5. Any chance of making the eyes buildable land? I have players say it shows on the map as buildable but they get there and its not. maybe make a small land surrounded by the water kind of like a moat?
  6. Yeah, no worries I just thought you had caught it with this update but I forgot about the discord link being broke as well cuss I had to google how to add to server.
  7. "Thanks for purchasing Skullisland by Deeplyfri3d" Readme needs correcting is all.
    I freaking love the race track! Wish it was double the size! Wish the map size was the new default at 4500 or bigger! Could use some beach areas only complaint I had from players. 10/10 Would have bought even for just the prefabs I personally have had no issues running this map even with all the extra extensions/mods/plugins.
  8. Update; After reverting back to 2.0.7 I was able to repair the other plugins that broke. ImageLibrary, UberTool, HeliRefuel, MapMyHeli, SkipNightUi, RustRewards, etc I was able to restore; SqliteException: Could not open database file: server/my_server_identity/sv.files.192.db (issues after BotSpawn broke it.) Plugins: Failed to load 'System.Data' because one or more of its dependencies could not be loaded. (Filename: Line: 292) (Fixed this issue) https://imgur.com/ZjNP8Ny
  9. If your having any issues with players being kicked for attacking/killing NPC's or players. Or HeliRefuel | CHAOS_CODE Plugin not working after 2.0.8 update... And a few other plugins break as well. from updating to 2.0.8 (Delete that broken ass version plugin cs file.) throw in version 2.0.7 like i did and go to Web RCON and type restart. Wait the 300 seconds and let it properly restart don't use your hosting companies restart button that just breaks crap for me. https://imgur.com/zKX6jmD
  10. I'm having a lot of issues with bot spawn since we updated to 2.0.7 and even worse ones after 2.0.8. HeliRefuel event plugin started working again when i put version 2.0.7 in. But if I update to 2.0.8 All my players are unable to attack any NPC or each other without getting kicked from the server with errors like this. And this player got kicked for hitting anyone with an AXE, or throwing it too. I have a lot of errors like this from Bot spawn. We are using paid map; The_Earth_Apocalypse_rev701.map disconnectin
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