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  1. Gbutome


    @RFC1920 on DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/channels/653208449542389760/682924525880475678/757426112547782707 @eracet Today at 04:20 FYI building damage is not working on Next Gen PVE, no matter what you do you can still damage buildings I have carried out tests with other plugins which cannot conflict with yours. There are problems with your plugin, and believe me, I can "test" a plugin very well whatever the server conditions. I didn't understand your plugin at first, and after working on it for a few hours, I noticed it was having some issues. I'm not as
  2. Gbutome


    It is not possible. the 'nextgen' plugin is way too broken. There are errors in the console when you want to set schedules. The basic configuration, without changing anything, does not work ... Plugin to review.
  3. Gbutome


    this plugin works with the "vehicleLicence" plugin. So check that your "vehicleLicence" config file is well configured and that it authorizes the exit or other of this means of locomotion. For my part, it works very well.
  4. Gbutome

    Rules GUI

    This plugin works great. For my part, when there is an update of a plugin, whatever it is, I always make a backup of my config file, and I delete it from my server. After this step, I install the plugin update. This allows the plugin to take a clean config and not have any errors with it. But don't forget to make a backup of your config before. I think if you open a rust server, "that's one of the basics" of a server founder. Updates do not always overwrite the old config. In any case, good job, and great plugin. Thank you
  5. The update is a great job. Congratulations.
  6. @Covfefe For the rules of TruePVE, you put this: anything can hurt npcs or players can hurt npcs
  7. Good job, works very well, it would also be nice to be able to regulate the life of the npc.
  8. mmmmmm.... I will test this. This sounds nice to me. I keep the community informed.
  9. Hello, a error in my console; Error while compiling: OilrigSpawnFix.cs(29,64): error CS1503: Argument `#1' cannot convert `HumanNPC' expression to type `Oxide.Plugins.HumanNPC' Why?? Thanks for your help
  10. Gbutome


    Hello, I would like to know whether to put the server in: # server.pve false or # server.pve true to use your plugin?
  11. Gbutome


    Hello, great plugin, very good work ... I would like to know, the "modules" and the "chassis" are not used for the moment ??? they are unusable ??
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