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  1. Niko

    RadSuit Enhance

    Still need this plug in, is anyone able to assist
  2. Niko

    RadSuit Enhance

    Still no-one abled to to this, need a genius with magic to make it happen
  3. Niko

    RadSuit Enhance

    Looking for a way to increase the Radiation Protection of HazMats, Scientist Suits, Peackeeper and Heavy Scientist Suits. All are currently at 50% - Ideally would like to be-able to customize the percentage protection given by each eg HazMats 40%, Scientist 60%, Peacekeeper 70%, Heavy 80%
  4. Thanks. Your English is better than any other language i could ever speak,
  5. BTW you radiation plug in works as i need it now, thanks
  6. The vending machines still exist its just as in game when a player stops broadcasting. I make maps etc so if i place NPC vending machines on a map then i dont want players to know where to go but to discover them organicaly by exploration. If they can be seen on a map then the players will just head for them locations. What im doing is a new map with no standard monuments, a whole new land to explore.
  7. Can someone make a plug in that hides the location on the map of all Vending Machines, eg they stop broadcasting?
    Does what i ask of it, Excellent
  8. Niko

    Radiation Damage

    Ok thanks, will check it out later
  9. Niko

    Radiation Damage

    Hi, any chance this can be modified slightly. I need it to damage a player even when wearing a rad suit. Rad suit protects them at all times no matter how high i set it
  10. Niko

    Radiation Damage

    Any clue as to how i use it, when it comes to plug ins i am hopeless
  11. Niko

    Radiation Damage

    Excellent, when do you think that will be?
  12. Niko

    Radiation Damage

    I need a plugin so I can ramp up the damage radiation done by radiation. So bad rad suits wont save you. Prefer free but if you want some dollars state your price. Thanks
  13. Niko


    Version 0817


    Welcome to Colditz, the notorious WWII Prisoner of War camp used to house the prisoners who could not be housed elsewhere. This is a premium custom monument This is a scaled recreation along the same lines that were done with my Alcatraz monument. You will find all the main areas with details of some of the escape attempts, not only the ones that succeeded but also the ones that failed. Of course it has been rustified for the game. You will need all coloured cards along with approx. 10 fuses to get all the loot. Scientists have been placed at the same strategic spots
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