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  1. Niko

    Anti-Offline Raid

    Just thought of it and not really fleshed out the idea. No good at code so dont know the best approach. Do you think you can do it?
  2. Looking for a plugin that effectively prevents you being offline raided, so when all those logged on a TC are off the server there base is protected. Willing to pay a reasonable amount. Not sure on exact features so open to discussions.
  3. Niko


    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to 0817
  4. What he said if you have any questions hit me up in discord. Always happy to chat and help
  5. Version 210308


    Devils Islands is 4 Islands separated by wide rivers, each an area for control promoting true clan warfare on a 3.5K sized map. All the usual favourites are here along with the European Central Bank, The Obelisks of Loot, Underground Bunker, Nuclear Power Station, Destroyed Cathedral, Gun store and Garage, Tanning Factory along with 4 deep mines for all the ore you can carry. Devils Islands Video
  6. Niko

    Items not spawning

    Changed Fixed In to 1
  7. Niko

    Items not spawning

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  8. Niko

    ToS Question

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1
  9. Version 210130


    The Tanning Factory is a simple roadside monument, mid tier loot with simple puzzles. It can also double up as a nice spot to ambush the bad people, based on the Tanning Factory from Tropico 6 If you have any problems you can contact me via Nikos Custom Designs Discord https://discord.gg/r84Cg84 and place your questions via a support ticket One of the main problems new players to custom maps and monuments is the need for the latest update to Oxide and the RustEdit.dll file installing on the server, this discord has all the help you need for that https://discord.gg/vfSD6YP
  10. Whats the problem my friend, join my discord and DM https://discord.gg/r84Cg84
  11. If you are having problems contact me through discord and i will be happy to assist
  12. I have seen it on servers already, just cannot find it so may need a new plugin, I need to force the players on my server to also register on the discord and both names to match or be automatically kicked with a warning message.
  13. It maybe, just do a search for eden, if you cannot find it DM in discord and i will upload to the test server for you to look at
  14. Niko

    Some prefabs aren't showing

    Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug
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