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  1. Version 1123

    1 download

    You will find the Great Lake the central feature of this 4k map with a dual Oil Rig in the centre, a Sailing Ship and a 3 tiered Dam System. Loot and adventure is found above and below the waves. On the west of the map are the traditional monuments while the east is home to some unique custom creations. You will find many new custom monuments based upon the premise that Rustkind has survived in these domed cities THE MATRIX, a 3D elevator maze CATHEDRAL, Home to a religious artefact HMS RACE HORSE, Sailing ship owned by Bandit Guards CABLE CAR, Its broken like a lot in rus
  2. Niko

    Score Board

    I'm after a score board that would list the top 5 or 10 players for kills during a wipe. The score board should show the number of kills followed by a number of points. 1 point per kill with 2 points awarded for a headshot. Also I would like it to run like a timed event like the Halloween, Christmas and Easter hunts FP put out. Paid work for a working plug in
  3. Niko

    Prone Plugin

    Is there a way to get your player character to lie down, so you press and hold a button, one not currently bound to anything that places your character lying on the floor but still looking ahead and still able the shoot and crawl, maybe rebinding of the X key. Willing to pay if it can be done an works
  4. Niko

    BioSphere World

    Version 1110


    Originally conceived as a way to bring rust back to its survival roots it has now been modified to include some standard monuments, the story elements curtailed, the radiation and extra mechanics removed and the world opened up for general play. You will find many new custom monuments based upon the premise that Rustkind has survived in these domed cities MEGACITY ONE, main living dome ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, domed city two MUSHROOM CITY, multiple smaller linked domes for growing stuff UNDERWATER RESEARCH DOME, (RUINED), find it if you can RADIO TOWER MOUNTAIN, hard to climb
  5. Version 1114


    HMS Race Horse is a bomb vessel from 1757. FOR SERVER OWNERS There is plenty of loot above deck along with several crew (scientists) Players will need two to get below deck in to the cabin where the better loot is. Remove the scientist to make it easier. The rigging is fully climbable. Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems you can contact me as follows https://discord.gg/GyxJ9ny [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA7CIAlTCL-grVynuXt5D9g?view_as=subscriber Thanks Niko
  6. Version 1016


    Based in the deep south on the edge of a swamp lies this house, haunted by zombies and ghosts anyone who ventures here looking for loot will only find their death and they too will become one with the house and its occupants. FOR SERVER OWNERS Once placed you can if you wish set up the scene. Place fuel in the lamps, wood in the fire, wood in the other items such as fire pits and cauldrons. Also you will find fog machines, place fuel in them and either switch on or make them motion activated. Also there is a strobe light to switch on. There are a few pressure pads aro
  7. Version 1012

    1 download

    Zombie Apocalypse BioSphere is the 2nd Largest BioSphere complex from my BioSphere Map Primarily an arena for none stop Zombie Killing or battles between clans you will find some loot scattered around the place, some high up in the towers. You can either gain entry through the airlock or fly through one of the missing pains of glass. Server Owners - This monument is mainly a loot gathering / arena location, There are loads of Murders and Scarecrows, enough to keep spawning no matter how many are killed. A single Tier 3 crate is hidden amongst the other normal crates. Than
  8. Niko

    Mushroom City

    Version 1010

    1 download

    Mushroom City is the 3rd Largest BioSphere complex from my BioSphere Map It is designed as a place for people to survive, grow areas, housing, areas still open for development however it has been hit by an unexploded missile. Server Owners - This monument is mainly a loot gathering location, a few small areas of radiation, plenty of crates, scientists to defeat and some hidden and hard to get to loot but no puzzles. Thank you for downloading this Rust Custom Monument (7k Objects Approx) If you have any problems you can contact me as follows https://discord.gg/GyxJ9ny
  9. Niko

    RadSuit Enhance

    Still need this plug in, is anyone able to assist
  10. Niko

    RadSuit Enhance

    Still no-one abled to to this, need a genius with magic to make it happen
  11. Niko

    RadSuit Enhance

    Looking for a way to increase the Radiation Protection of HazMats, Scientist Suits, Peackeeper and Heavy Scientist Suits. All are currently at 50% - Ideally would like to be-able to customize the percentage protection given by each eg HazMats 40%, Scientist 60%, Peacekeeper 70%, Heavy 80%
  12. Thanks. Your English is better than any other language i could ever speak,
  13. BTW you radiation plug in works as i need it now, thanks
  14. The vending machines still exist its just as in game when a player stops broadcasting. I make maps etc so if i place NPC vending machines on a map then i dont want players to know where to go but to discover them organicaly by exploration. If they can be seen on a map then the players will just head for them locations. What im doing is a new map with no standard monuments, a whole new land to explore.
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