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  1. Leyla

    Discord linking

  2. Leyla

    Discord linking

    This does not work with discord module, Linking will dissapear on the profile page
    The guy who wrote this module gave very good support through discord Plugin looks clean and works very well
    Very bad support on their discord. They dont understand english and they literally say we wont update the plugin if you dont post the question on github. Wich requires me to create a whole new account for github for any questions / feedback relating to their plugins. This plugin does NOT work with embers discord module DO NOT WASTE 30$ IF YOU HAVE THAT MODULE I would like a refund of this plugin since its 100% useless since it cant work with discord module, and i will NEVER buy a 'better' module again for how they talk to their customers.
  3. Leyla

    HumanNPC GUI

    Well this doesnt work lol
  4. Leyla

    Should i buy

    Looks like an intresting plugin, Also looks like the dev isnt really fully maintaining it from what i read, Doesnt have HumanNPC configuration either ?
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