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    Simple and effective. No hassle, just load and go! Dev is very interactive.
  1. No, all the other monuments are 100 percent pvp. At launch it's like 75 percent covered
  2. just looked again to double checked and the main area of launch site is not being marked as pvp as it should be it's half pve and pvp
  3. I see that it's not so much the sam sites as it is that the launch site building is flagging as a pve zone. shouldn't the entire launch area be pvp and not just where the bradley travels away from the building?
  4. Either I did it wrong or it's not working (didn't see shotgun trap) do you have a config that I could just upload with only sam sites at launch able to do damage?
  5. could you tell me what that would involve exactly - new to pve plugin thanks
    Great replacement for other PvE plugins out there and simple to use
  6. It does say false - while it does shoot at players, it causes no damage
  7. this needs to be done as there is no challenge to players at launch site
  8. So how do you assign this to players - no permissions and with only name change? Marketing as a server advertisement but, if the person you're rewarding is playing on your server who are they advertising to? Great mod, just trying to sort it out. Would rather have the option for assigning by permissions as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated from others who use this.
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