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  1. Rezanow

    Default notifications

    Each time I've done an oxide.reload RustRewards my notifications disappear and show up in the console instead. Some players see the chat notifications, others do not. I then use /rrm on and things go back to normal. "Player Default Settings": "hkopa", "PrintInConsole": "false", Is there another command I am missing? Full json attached. RustRewards.json
  2. Rezanow

    BotSpawn loot

    It is always a 1 to 10 ratio, then? I was assuming that 1 and 8 would indicate a 0-8 (nine digit) range.
  3. Rezanow


    Noting that probability is relative, and referencing the primitive crate I'm trying to mimic, everything in the primitive crate has an equal 5% chance of spawning (aside from scrap). I've not noted any circumstance where more than three items show up in the crate (one of which is scrap, which is always present). With 3 scrap always being present, then a chance for 1 or 2 more items being present, with each of the items having a 5% chance of showing up... How would I replicate this? Also, once I'm finished with these crates, would you like a copy of the different .json files to
  4. Rezanow

    Loot categories

    Is it possible to create a custom category and enter the loot I wish to have in that single category? It will help the percentages I'm trying to mimic default loot containers.
  5. Rezanow

    BotSpawn loot

    I ask because I'm worried that a category set to 100% (like resources), but with every item in the resource list set to 0%... could that possibly mean a potential slot missed?
  6. Rezanow

    BotSpawn loot

    Fair enough. Thank you for the incredibly prompt response! Oh, quick edit: Since it's a single table for the crates, how would you suggest I set the categories? 100% for each of them, then appropriately for each item?
  7. Rezanow

    BotSpawn loot

    Is it possible to set, for just the BotSpawn bots at Harbor for example, to have the same loot at default primitive crates? I know I can use Custom Loot to program them line by line, but I was hoping for something simple. Am I missing something?
  8. Rezanow

    Default notifications

    When I reload the plugin, the notifications no longer show up in chat and show up in console instead. I set the default for all of them to be on. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?
  9. Rezanow

    Gesture Wheel

    Please add that this requires ImageLibrary in the description.
  10. Rezanow

    Bots chasing players

    A player rode their horse home from looting water treatment 2 grids away. A minute later a bot showed up and began shooting at them. I was nearby building a bridge over a river for grins when the bot aggro'd on me when it encountered the player's external stone walls. My biome wandering bots have a different outfit, and water was the nearest monument. :shrug:
  11. Rezanow

    Bots chasing players

    This was a scientist that followed my player home. Blue hazmat, mp5, and very determined. haha
  12. Rezanow

    Bots chasing players

    Bots are chasing my players well beyond the deaggro range I have set of 50 meters. One bot chased a player home 2 grids away from their monument. What can I do to fix this (or potentially encourage it)?
  13. Rezanow

    put different colors

    I haven't had any issues with <color=blue>Blah</color> in content text, if that helps. Blue, green, yellow, red, and orange all work.
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