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Chad Toney

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  1. Chad Toney

    how to use it??

    How do you use it
  2. I am also seeing this. Players have wrong titles they don't hold the max in. PVPKill and PVPDistance.. These are players with kills
  3. Chad Toney

    Category not showing

    It appears the Structures Demolished is not showing completely on the Top 1 Players list. As shown in the screenshot.
  4. Chad Toney

    Titles not showing

    Can you provide a list of what they was? I can't remember and not sure where to download the older version of the code.
  5. Chad Toney

    Titles not showing

    It appears your default titles is missing from the new update you released.
  6. Chad Toney

    Titles not showing

    So, since the new update titles do not show up. Any thoughts?
  7. Chad Toney


    How do you make the bots switch weapons? Is that even possible?
  8. My admins keep getting titles even when we have don't include them. Also when they opt out after a while it still includes them and gives them titles... Can someone help with this? I can't seem to stop it from picking my stats up and assigning myself a title.
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