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Robin Hellberg

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  1. Robin Hellberg


    Thanks dude!
  2. Robin Hellberg


    Grimson npc:s beach bug if you spawn them same place more than one. They are absolutely in same place and they not work then.
  3. Robin Hellberg


    Random loott able with chance percent to get an item. Same way than raidable base plugin or better loot in umod.
  4. Robin Hellberg


    Can you add configuration for kits or changing npc items
    I love this plugin and dev is very helpful and fix issues rapidly! =]
  5. Robin Hellberg

    How i open CUI

    I reloaded plugin. Now it works
  6. Robin Hellberg

    How i open CUI

    /maze not opening cui and dunno how to open that
  7. Error while compiling: aMAZEingCUI.cs(117,21): error CS1503: Argument `#1' cannot convert `Oxide.Game.Rust.Libraries.Player' expression to type `BasePlayer'
  8. Hi, very nice plugin and no problem with that. It is possible you to add feature for background change button for phone? that would be super cool
  9. Inventory lost on death (Inventory restoreplugin fix that but i want only restore inventory in maze). Building is not inviciple to damage and that have only 0 health. Truepve work only if i use pve for server wide and i have pvp server so i don't want that.
  10. I have same problem with inventory loss. Yes RestoreUponDeath works with admin permission, but i don't want always that they are restoring. Only want to restore when playing maze game.
  11. Nice plugin but walls etc all spawn with 0 health and i can destroy them.
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