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  1. Nikedemos just informed me, edited my original post with proper links.
  2. Using this plugin: https://remod.org/npcplay Requires Human NPC from remod
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Abandoned Bandit Cabins is miniature-sized roadside monument geared towards tier zero and one area, similar to the gas station or supermarket. Acts as a good way to secure a few containers early wipe while still looking great and being nicely decorated to make your server pop. Features: -Two cabins that are both multi leveled and well decorated. -Multiple crates scattered around the moment (three tool crates, one basic crate, one food crate and one large food crate) . -One working water pump. -Includes all prefab modifiers Click here for a guide on installation
  4. Version 1.03


    A simple and easy aim train targets prefab. Comes in 3 building grades (stone, metal, and high quality metal) Includes 25,50,75,100,150 and 200 meter lanes. Prefab count: 935 Change log: Reduced Prefab count heavily Added Prevent movement volume in front of lanes
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