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  1. TwoShoes


    A great plugin I use on my care bear server to teach new players where the center of there screen is and also great for learning how to use a rocket launcher
    Great plugin my players and I love it.. Would love to see the same setup for pumpjacks and quarries as well.
  2. Would be awesome to see this work along side the other Bradley guard plugin to make an awesome event so when Bradley explodes and the guards come out, the other Bradley event starts for reinforcements... To bad they are both named the same (BradleyGuards.cs) Update: I just renamed the other BradleyGuards and rewrote parts and fixed times to work with this one and it's so sick..
  3. TwoShoes


    You can in the config at the top "GlobalSettings": { "Background Image Url": just copy the original and edit in your photoshop program upload it to imgur and replace the http next to "Background Image Url": Here's the one I made for my server
  4. TwoShoes

    wood sound replacement

    I replaced the wood_1 prefab with assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/impacts/blunt/flesh/fleshbloodimpact.prefab the blood impact sounds way better than hitting with a wood sound
  5. I had to remove the plugin as it causes way to much lag on the server when populating the maze. I'm running a dedicated dual I7 64 gb ram 1tb ssd ..
  6. TwoShoes

    Oreos Skull Island

    You're welcome if I find other areas I'll be happy to let you know... Also Is there a way for me to update the map without players loosing progress? I would also like to add that this is not a raidable base plugin friendly map not enough flat shallow beach surfaces for bases to spawn and most spawn through hills or not accessible because floating on water from tiny islands... Just a little note to let people know but otherwise a good map. please feel free to message me in discord T͓̽w͓̽o͓̽S͓̽h͓̽o͓̽e͓̽s͓̽#6093 if you would like me to message you direct of areas I find
  7. No only in the maze traps when they die do they loose everything
  8. TwoShoes

    Oreos Skull Island

    So some areas need some attention. The custom dome at S26 on the far right you fall through the ground to an instant death.. I had to cover it with some foundation to prevent players from falling through.. Also players can get trapped in the underground tunnels from the tower at the dome its clear 1 way but you'll pass through a stone rock and now trapped as you cant go back through... Lots of floating nodes and nodes floating over the water. Rocks, bushes, tree logs over empty areas of monuments (floating in mid air)... Bradley at airfield needs more of an area to roam, also Bradley once dest
  9. So I tested with restoreupondeath.admin with the settings at 0.0.0 and still loose everything when you die from a trap I even had players test it with restoreupondeath.admin and they also loose everything
  10. Not sure if I'm missing it in the config but, How do you add multiple floors? Also is there a way I can add my own mazes to the mix or is it all auto generated? Is there a way to make it so you don't loose your clothes and inventory? I run a learn to play PvE server with Restore upon death if someone dies. Is there a way to make it so they can still die but not loose everything?
    Love this. and so do my players.. I was able to add prices to all the items for sale (changed in the cs file) I also use this with phone core and adds a great custom touch to my pve server.
    Absolutely love it added so many shortcuts and has made my players love my server even more
  11. yep that fixed it thank you.. And love this plugin
  12. nope some things work like /backpack, /info, /spawn mini but anything to do with teleportation like /home 1 or /town is a unknown command: home or town not sure whats going on.. PS I'm using Nteleportation ah ok I had to read above let me try what you wrote above and I'll get back to you
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