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  1. Needs more lights, siren lights, spotlights, siren speakers, fireworks, NEEDS MORE EVERYTHING!
  2. Covfefe

    Drone Patrol

    Feature request: Drone CCTV Patrol Drones will patrol monuments & roads with CCTV Camera Attached Players can watch from their computer stations Configs: Monument Drones : true, (each monument will have it's own drone patrol) Road Drones: true, (roads will be patrolled by drone) Single Player Drone: false, (a single drone will attempt to follow and watch random player) All Player Drones: true, (each player will have their own drone watching them)
  3. I see... I thought a miniature tractor drives along your planters harvesting your crops LOL
  4. Covfefe


    Use it to help you create the broadcast feature
  5. Covfefe


    Use this plugin to help you implement a broadcast feature http://umod.org/plugins/roulette-broadcast
  6. Covfefe


    I will buy it when you add those features
  7. Covfefe


    Does it announce to chat how much someone won? Are the betting limits configurable?
  8. Covfefe


    What's the format for month and date? 00/00 or January 1 or January 01 or January/01 or January/1?
  9. Covfefe


    Chinook needs it's own randomized points instead of creating one for drop zone. Use random spawnpoints plugin if you have to. Chinook needs to attack all players the entire time, just flying around and hovering is not worth $18 You need to post the config in english so we know for sure if we can even edit the crate npcs amongst other things.
  10. Is this the same as homerecycler from chaoscode?
  11. Covfefe


    If we equip murderers with bean cans, can they act like scarecrows and toss perfect nades?
  12. Can you make the passive animals like chicken, horse, stag be aggressive as a bear? I want all animals to attack players
  13. Covfefe


    Is announce time the amount of time between each announcement? "AnnounceTime": 600, "ChatPrefix": "[Jackpot]: ", "JackpotAnnounceThreshold": 1, "JackpotTime": 3600 and jackpottime is how long before it chooses a winner?
  14. Please make sure there's an option to set the corpse to default loot so their clothing doesn't get duped when the walker dies
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