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  1. yung


  2. yung


    Sure, today i will release the update
  3. yung


    You need to rejoin the server to say that it's your birthday. And for the other suggestions, i will release an update that will add a command to check if that player claimed his present,and i'll add the cake image too.
  4. yung


    It's 00/00
  5. yung

    Safe Sleep

    All sleepers
  6. yung


    Version 1.0.1


    A simple plugin that allows players to add their birthdays. When a player joins the server and it's his birthday, it will be announced so the other players will know. He can claim his present configured in the config file using the command /birthday claim . Player Commands /birthday set month/date - can only be set once /birthday claim - can only be claim once Console Commands for Owners birthdays.remove userID or b.remove userID - in case a player sets his birthday wrong birthdays.check userID or b.check userID - to check if a player claimed hi
  7. yung

    Safe Sleep

    Version 1.0.0


    Store your sleepy players in a safe place untill they come back online. Warning ! This plugin uses Spawns Database by k1lly0u. Configuration { "Time to move a sleeping player (in hours)": 1, "Check Interval (in seconds)": 10, "Spawns Database config file name": "Name" }
  8. yung

    Better Quiz

    Version 1.0.0


    Want a new way to test your players? Try Better Quiz! It's an UI Based Quiz with random questions, time limit, cooldown after you passed/failed/exit the quiz and items reward! Configuration Here is the config file, it's eazy to use. I'ved added 6 question so you can try the quiz. My tip is to add more questions in the config file than the "Amount of questions in the quiz" so it could be truly random. On "Items to give" , the "shortname" is the shortname of an item and the "10" is the quantity. You can add more items if you want. { "Items to give ": { "s
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