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Random Weird Plugin Ideas - Part √9

The Friendly Chap

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Some more random Ideas

- NPC Tower Terror - An static NPC who will shoot players not in possession of a permission. <- Like a NPC AutoTurret. Could be used to guard a VIP only area. Ability to adjust NPC hitpoints, damage etc, of course.
- Revenge of Yögi - Spawn a loaded Shotgun Trap on the Bear, that fires at anyone standing where the bear is facing.
What a Gas! - Modify a Double Barrel to fire high speed Horse Manure at people. Does minor damage to victims HP, major damage to his ego if he get killed by a shit-firing gun.
- Icelandic Snowmobile : Make the upcoming Snowmobile fast as hell if "sprint" is helld, and in "fast" mode, it can drive ON the water.

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