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RustRPG.com Network looking for more Plugin Developers ($$$ Paying very well $$$)


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Hello all, I have an upcoming server launch for an ambitious network of highly-modded and "game-designed" servers (RustRPG.com - check us out). Here is a teaser trailer we recently released, for those interested. We've had a few dev vacancies recently for personal reasons and so I'm looking to add one or two plugin devs to our contact list to fill the gap for well-paid freelance OR consistent work - totally up to you. 

Our plugin needs range from basic tweaks, to smaller original plugins, to more complex undertakings, and once again, it's totally up to you what work load you'd like to take on, as we have  a wide range of needs - and this could be a great way to establish a relationship for repeat paid work with a network with long-term goals.

All our plugin designs are pre-written on Trello cards, clearly structured section by section with how they're meant to be setup (though we of course leave the actual technical design up to you), which is a way of working we believe eliminates much of the guess work, frustration, and potential miscommunication for all involved. We will also never require you to do any config work or setup of any kind - just focus on making the plugins themselves. 


All payments are via PayPal. 


The two main things we're looking for are a good work ethic:

- Be reliable: if you say you will start a plugin, we expect an ETA and we expect you to follow it. 

- Be a clear communicator: if you're having any issues, communicate them, and don't disappear for days or weeks at a time mid-plugin with nothing said. 


Please feel free to contact me on Discord: Adûn#7365

We look forward to hearing from/working with you! Thank you! 

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