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Calling 'OnEntityTakeDamage' on 'NoDecay v1.4.6' took average 1125ms

Closed 1.0.65

Keep getting the error in the subject, constantly in the rcon logs.



Here is  my config file - any help is appreciated

  "General": {
    "Disable decay for all entities": true,
    "Exclude \"Other Multipliers\"": false,
    "Use permission": false,
    "Decay if there is no owner (and perms enabled)": false,
    "Permission": "nodecay.use",
    "Output": {
      "Output to server console": false,
      "Log to file": false,
      "Log file name": "NoDecay-Log"
    "Cupboard Settings": {
      "Disable No Decay if resources placed in TC": false,
      "Require Tool Cupboard": false,
      "Any authed on TC": false,
      "Cupboard Range": 30.0,
      "Block cupboard wood": false,
      "Block cupboard stone": false,
      "Block cupbard metal": false,
      "Block cupboard high quality": false
  "Building grade multipliers": {
    "Twig multiplier": 0.0,
    "Wood multiplier": 0.0,
    "Stone multiplier": 0.0,
    "Sheet Metal multiplier": 0.0,
    "Armoured multiplier": 0.0
  "Other multipliers": {}

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