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Does not follow set flags

Closed 1.4.0 1.4.1

Hey I installed the plugin / I set the flags and stuff I even used https://jsonlint.com/ to make sure everything Is valid which it is 

here is the issue 

Value is set to TRUE for Honor building Privilegs which means (if I understand it right) I need tc access to be able to set a home in the location that I want

Without tc it wont let me set a home but 

eveb when its true it still lets me put down a /home randomly 
I dont want to enable Foundation since there are water base and stuff I dont want it to be an issue


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It's not clear what you're expecting.  WIth HomeRequireFoundation off, you can set a home anywhere that isn't also restricted by proximity to monuments, caves, distance to other homes, etc.  What requirement would you want to set?

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I thought if Honor building Privilegs was on that means that they need to be in there auth tc to be able to place down a /home and anything outside the tc range will not be allowed

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(20:27:01) | [Teleportication] set,2
(20:27:01) | [Teleportication] Homelimit for [Fatnn] Randomz, set to 10.
(20:27:01) | [Teleportication] Checking for foundation/floor at target (-88.0, 49.5, -688.6)
(20:27:01) | [Teleportication]   Found one.  Checking block perms, etc...
(20:27:01) | [Teleportication] BlockCheck() called for foundation
(20:27:01) | [Teleportication] Building priv not null, checking authorizedPlayers...
(20:27:01) | [Teleportication] Player 76561197960491191 has privileges...


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Now it seems that when I enable  "HomeRemoveInvalid": true,

and I try to tp back where my foundation was (I broke foundation and tc) it still lets me tp home 

without needing a tc or a foundation to tp back to

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Also for the TPR is there a way you can make it so if someone accepts your tpr it tells you that they accepted it 

or a tpr expired 
(Your tpr expires after X amount of seconds)

Also suggetions would be that if someone already sent you a tpr and if they try to send it again it tell thems that theres already a pending tpr 
since players are saying that you can just spam someone with /tpr request and they cant do anything about it 

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Add another suggetion

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