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Prefabs in custom monuments are decaying

Pending 1.0.81

Hi @RFC1920,

I have a custom map (use RustEdit). I follow the monthly wipe cycle and am noticing an issue where sometime later in the month (this past week in this case) prefab components that were in the map start disappearing in the custom monuments. These include working elevators, powered car lifts, shelves, etc. Is there anything I can do using NoDecay to make this stop happening?



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If the prefabs, etc. that are part of the monument are each owned by 0, and I think they should be, that probably doesn't have any impact.  I was just thinking that because of the 'some time during the month' statement.

If you made the map, perhaps some of the other map guys know about how this can be prevented for those custom prefabs.  It really shouldn't be impacting them.  As a workaround, I would place zones at each monument and set the NoDecay flag on those zones.

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Yes, that's the plan for next month. I've been asking about it on the RustEdit discord and one suggestion is that missing an oxide update will cause items to start to decay, but I don't see how I would've missed an update since all my plugins are loaded/working. 

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