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some idea's / bugs

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Hello, was wondering if we could get option to set fuel amount for certain groups and also allow us to have different cooldowns for certain groups to.

i was also wondering if you could expand on the unlimited full since you have to stick aleast 1 low grade in the heli to get it to move and also found a bug where you allow people to spawn with fuel but the copter doesn't actually spawn with any fuel.

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You may have allowFuelIfUnlimited set to true, which skips adding the ONE fuel since the player can add fuel.  The idea was not to give them fuel on every call to /mymini, but to let them store fuel in the copter.

If you set that to false, the plugin will add one fuel to the tank so the copter will fly and not use fuel.  It's probably more than confusing to have it set to true.

I'll consider the concept of spawning with fuel, but it has potential for abuse without any cost for spawning the copter.

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