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Not working with ZoneManager

Closed 1.0.39

I am trying to create a PVP arena on my PVE map and have been unable to get this plugin to allow player to play damage after adding a new ruleset. I have enabled ZoneManager in the plugin config and still nothing. Even tried cloning the default ruleset and allowing player to player damage, still no damage was going through. Is there something that I am missing?

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Does your ruleset have Default Damage set to True?  If so, you shouldn't have to add anything under block unless you want to.  For the default ruleset, these are allow rules vs the default damage setting of False.  For any other ruleset, you can set default damage to true to allow all damage EXCEPT for what you add under block.

I am not sure if you can attach here, but please make a backup of your database and send it to me.

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