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Piano disappears, but is still usable?

Closed 1.0.1

You can try using https://github.com/WheteThunger/ParentedEntityRenderFix.

Configure this to include the piano, lantern, etc., at a minimum:

  "EnabledEntities": [

This is a workaround, and ymmv.  There is probably a more thorough and accurate description, but from your perspective, it impacts any plugin that builds an object using multiple entities and/or those that generally aren't meant to move.  Sadly, these are some of my favorite plugins.  It didn't used to be a problem but began as part of Facepunch's efforts to improve game performance a couple of years ago.  I've even had issues with plugins I'm working on that only consist of one object, but one that is generally grounded and not supposed to fly.

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