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Hello !
I tried in the past to use this plugin but I couldn't set it! I want to use this plugin only to keep alive as long as certain entities are within range of the tc, especially vehicles, minicopter, scraptransporthelicopter boat RHIB, all other functions to be null I want the decay to be default! Is it possible with this plugin to achieve what I want? Can you leave an example of a configuration that achieves what I specified above?

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Try setting the following if you want buildings to decay normally:

    "twigMultiplier": 1.0,
    "woodMultiplier": 1.0,
    "stoneMultiplier": 1.0,
    "sheetMultiplier": 1.0,
    "armoredMultiplier": 1.0,

Anything else in the config you can set to 0.0 to disable decay for that type or 1.0 to enable normal decay.  If you want things to decay faster than normal, set a number higher than 1.0.

To protect entities in range of a TC, you will need to set:

    "requireCupboard": true,

    "cupboardCheckEntity": true,

    "cupboardRange": 30.0,

Adjust the range as you wish, but it can also tend to overlap cupboards in range of your neighbors depending on how far away they are if you set it too high.  Hopefully this is close to what you're requesting.

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I updated the plugin I tried the settings recommended by you and the minicopter and scraptransporthelicopter continue to decay when it is within tc range !

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For the copters, you would need to set the multipliers for them.  They won't actually get considered as part of the TC range at all.

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Just like in real life normally vehicles (mini scraptransporthelicopter) should not take damage if they are around the house correctly :))) If it is possible to implement this would be super useful!

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