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Problems with pvp and zones

No Response 1.0.67


I have a problem. 
I have the latest version from 19.12.2020. 
The default zone is on no damage, sometimes that works sometimes not. Even if I clone the zone and set it to no player damage it works sometimes and sometimes not, even if you want to give this cloned zone "no damage" the players can still damage each other. 

Default Zone = Sometimes gives players damage, sometimes not. 
If you change a value, it can be that the players can get damage although the player damage should be blocked. 
I cloned the default zone myself. Unfortunately it did not work. 
We are really in despair, because first everything worked and after a reload you could suddenly in the pve zone again damage (where the Config is on false) 

Zone 1 = If you give this zone the value "player to player" damage blocking, the players can still damage each other. (Even with several zones tried) 

Is there a waiting time until the things are taken over ? If you change something to the player damage ? The problem can be looked at with pleasure!  

I have created a zone e.g. PvP but in this zone except the radius and the name nothing defined, all settings made via Nextgen

I ask for help or tips

Thanks a lot 


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Have tried it again until now. 
The following scenarios:

Server Global = PvE false (I forgot to mention above).

No. 1 
Default Config, (Default = PvE all?)(No Player Damage)
This works

No. 2 
Created a zone without flags, created a new role there under /pverule. With Allow = player vs player (nothing else)

Error: Also in the PvE zone you get damage now, if you delete the previously created role the error still persists you get damage everywhere. Whereby there is only the default config. (PvE default)

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