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PlugIN is not loading !

Closed 1.0.1 1.0.3

If you mean on server restart, then 1.0.2 hopefully fixes it.  If you mean it won't load at all, please send any errors you can get from log files about Tides.

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... this is not, what i mean:

i mean commands for TimedExecute like:

  • start tide (tide goes with setting speed high)
  • stop tide (tide goes with settings speed down)

so user can start and stop without ure day and night settings and start it with they own time or random. it looks more realistic as start and stop all day same time

Edited by Nick Phaxveyon

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Actually, tides are dependent on the moon, so night start and day end is closer to reality.  However, the command for setting oceanlevel itself could be automated using TimedExecute if you like without Tides.

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this is not working:

the problem iss, that with TimedExecute the plugin starts well (softly) and with stops not well (water suddenly goes back)

i want, thats water goes on start softly higher and on stop water is slowly declining (goes slowly back)

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