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Under what situation(s)?  Flyhack, or Under Terrain?

Do those admins have auth 1 (moderatorid) or auth 2 (ownerid)?  If they don't, do they have FauxAdmin permission, and is your FauxAdmin config setup for the isDeveloper flag?

from FauxAdmin.json config file...

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Please provide more details as to what they are doing when they die and what death message they are getting, as well as the disconnect message.  Please also confirm that you have the plugin saved/uploaded into your oxide/plugins folder and that it is loaded.

If you gave yourself ownerid and your admins moderatorid while you/they were logged in game, please have them leave game and rejoin so that the auth levels are fully applied.  Same with moderators that have permission through fauxadmin, if you use it.


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Alright, I experienced the same issue when not in god mode and under terrain, out of vanish/noclip.  This is not a bug, as you should be in god mode.  However, I will look into adding a permission check to override it in the next update.

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