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NoDecay not showing Decay Time?

Closed 1.0.72


I'm not 100% sure if this is something on my end, but I have my server set up to only decay Metal/Armor building blocks.   When I put something in the cupboard, it doesn't show the time dropping on the item I'm using (Like putting a metal fragment in for sheet metal walls).  Is this something on this end of the plugin, or am I reading too deeply into this?  Thank you.

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You may have "disableWarning": true in the config, which would hide the warnings including possibly what you are expecting.  This is the only place where the plugin would override the game if there are items in the cupboard.

Note that with matching materials in the cupboard, our decay function is most likely not getting called at all.  But, the warning disable would still function.  Try flipping that to false to see if it helps.

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Been out of the loop lately.  Got sick.  I'll try this and see what happens. I'll report back in a day or so

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