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Changing defense values

Not a Bug 1.0.2 1.0.3

I use SkinBox and my players can reskin a Hazmat suit to be the Space Suit. 

Would it be possible to give the bonuses in your plugin to only Space Suits, but to balance it (because they're so easy to acquire) with the defenses being minimal to nothing in exchange? 

Resistance to heat, cold, extreme radiation, but diminished resistance to projectile, melee, bite, & explosive dmg? 

Is that possible?

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Good time to you.
Forgive me for making you wait a long time for an answer to your question.
In the Spacesuit plugin, the item has its own Skin "(Do not change!) SkinID: 2359868001.
And in the plugin SkinBox there is a setting that blocks invalid SkinIDs.
Add SkinID: 2359868001 to your config file in the SkinBox plugin.
"SkinsExcluded": {"SkinList": [2359868001]},

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