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Wanted to use it but...

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Hello so i wanted to use this plugin but there is no feature to protect boxes inside player bases or salvaged shelves from player damage and such! also what would be a great feature is, block players from looting sleepers!, and block players from looting x storage in players base! Please get it in, as i would love to use this plugin!

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13 hours ago, RFC1920 said:

I usually use PreventLooting for that, which is why it's not included.

Same but thing is when u look for a plugin called like nextgenpve or truepve, u would want that in it and think its in it, also it will lower the amount of plugins u need to have pve protections.

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PreventLooting also adds the share and unshare commands.  It's doable, but I'm not sure why one needs the be the monolith.

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